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Norfolk Born & Bread

Three generation’s passion about the rich heritage of Norfolk, its people, places, customs and habits led to the Abel family’s involvement in the fated Denver Windmill project in 2008.

Although the project failed the Denver Mills brand became established and synonymous with quality and clarity, and the Baking Academy drew attendance from throughout the country.


Welcome to Norfolk Born & Bread!

After a well earned rest we are starting to move forward with some of the schemes we had planned before we were first approached about the Denver Windmill Project, and some that were unfulfilled on that site.

The loss of the windmill meant a complete change in direction - 60 tones of flour a year would be capacity for the Denver site as were the 20,000 loaves produced in 2012.  Without the heritage site these figures would have to be multiplied ten or even a hundred fold to be viable - and that would take us away from the ethic of our business.

There are a lot of things we still want to do, and so many good things came out of the past six years we are sure that continuing with the hands-on approach which has proved so successful will ensure this skill and knowledge will not be lost.

As things start to come together again we will continue to work with family members own projects, so keep an eye on this page and also the Norfolk Millwright Alliance and Bitter Sweet Curious Coffee.